The deep connection of the human being with his homeland has accompanied him constantly during his existence. 


Cinzia Angiolini is native from the Zeri Valley, a borderland among the three Italian regions of Tuscany, Liguria and Emilia Romagna and one of the partisan resistance sites in the 1940s. The deep love that this woman feels for her land led her to face a personal battle for the revaluation of the territory through the breeding of the Zerasca sheep, an endangered local ovine breed. 

Because of her particular idea of breeding, centered on an almost maternal relationship with her animals and condemned by the local shepherds, Cinzia has always been alone in the fight against the local Administration, blind to the decline of the valley.


Cinzia embodies that passion and resistance that make us understand how the defense of our roots is the claim of our identity.




Yarin Trotta del Vecchio